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By Colter Brinkley, MS

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The Top 10 PPC Advertising Mistakes

PPC Advertising Mistake #1:

When it comes to PPC advertising mistakes, the first mistake is forgetting that the true main goal is turning the traffic from a PPC campaign into a conversion goal. Without consideration for website design with features, conversion if any will be minimal. Thus, it’s not enough to just have a website and PPC campaign. The website must move the viewer to take action.


PPC Advertising Mistake #2:

The second PPC advertising mistake is not having solid quantifiable measurements by which a person can track their PPC marketing. Unlike traditional offline marketing, online marketing can provide endless details via PPC Analytics such as Google Analytics.


PPC Advertising Mistake #3:

The third mistake is not investing the time to understand the Google PPC interface. It’s important to study and read all the instructions that are offered by the interface. Furthermore, there are many content worthy books that can make the first round of PPC profitable vs. costly. Study before you play or expect costly PPC advertising mistakes.


PPC Advertising Mistake #4:

Like the third PPC advertising mistake, the fourth mistake is not investing the time into keyword analysis. Great keyword competitive research is the foundation to a profitable PPC marketing plan and begins with specialized Keyword Analysis Software.


PPC Advertising Mistake #5:

One of the biggest PPC advertising mistakes is not creating a profile of the average potential custome (Participant Print). What type of person will want to purchase the product or service and why? What is the age group and income range for the average customer? Is geographical targeting needed? Based on the customer profile, can Day Parting be utilized?


PPC Advertising Mistake #6:

The sixth mistake is not writing winning ad copy. Content is not only king in Search Engine Optimization, but also in Pay-Per-Click. In addition to utilizing high search volume keywords, the copywriter must incorporate features and benefits. Specifically, what makes the product or service unique or better than what the competition is offering? Why should someone buy my product or service?


PPC Advertising Mistake #7:

The seventh mistake is not having a clear call to action. It is imperative to tell the potential customer what they should do next. A clear call to action at the end of feature rich ad copy is the winning formula. Almost every PPC Ad I review does not have a call to action. It makes me wonder how many PPC advertising services companies stay in business.


PPC Advertising Mistake #8:

The eighth mistake is not having enough ad groups. If the keyword analysis uncovers many high search volume keyword phrases, then the PPC marketing plan needs multiple ad groups.


PPC Advertising Mistake #9:

The ninth mistake is not having a budget that will coincide with the timeline of the initial PPC campaign. To do so correctly will involve analyzing and forecasting keyword search volumes. Forecasting search volumes helps to control PPC costs.


PPC Advertising Mistake #10:

The tenth and final of all the PPC advertising mistakes is not testing everything. A/B testing and then testing other variations will improve position, impressions and conversion. As an example, simple changes in the ad copy can significantly increase traffic and conversion. Google let’s you do A/B testing also called Split Testing within the Google AdWords interface. An excellent PPC tool is Split Tester @ Split Tester gives you the real bottom line on a mathematical principle called "Statistical Significance.”

In conclusion, PPC is all about measurement statistics and keyword significance!


An Original SEO Article by Colter Brinkley, MS.


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November 23, 2010

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