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SEO Services

Do you need Search Engine Optimization help?

  • SEO Business Meeting
  • SEO Website Evaluation
  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Competition Analysis
  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Website Architecture
  • SEO Social Media Campaign
  • SEO Search Engine Submission
  • SEO Local Search
  • SEO Link Building
  • SEO Monitoring
  • SEO Test, Tweak & Repeat


SEM Services

Do you need Search Engine Marketing help?

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Banner Ad Marketing
  • EMail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Press Releases
  • Social Media Releases
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Virtual World Marketing
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Livecast Marketing
  • Viral Marketing


Web Design Services

Do you need a Website that makes money?

  • Fast Web Design
  • SEO Web Design
  • SEM Web Design
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Database Web Design
  • CMS Web Design
  • 2.0 Web Design
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Lead Capture Design


Internet Marketing Services

Do you need Internet Marketing help with...

  • Blog Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Online Video Production
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Web Analytics
  • Internet Branding
  • New Media Marketing Plan
  • Internet Marketing Plan
  • Internet Marketing Consultation


SEO Articles

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#1 Lead Capture System

Form, Database and Autoresponder Services


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Virtual Office, Fax, & Much More

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SEM Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is any online marketing channel that increases online visibility and traffic to your website. At, we call it SEMROI. Search Engine Marketing Return on Investment is making sure that the traffic to your website takes action (Conversion). In other words, the visitor purchases your product and/or calls your intake line. SEM Service marketing channels include…


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

The benefit of PPC advertising as an SEM Service is that you can start running ads and making sales within one day. You select geographical location, days, times, demographics and even the budget. Your PPC text Ad is only shown (Brand Exposure) when the Keyword Phrases you selected are entered into a Search Engine by a potential customer! You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you can stop and start you PPC Advertising campaign at any minute of any day. Many business owners run aggressive PPC Advertising campaigns during the SEO Services development process.


Banner Ad Marketing

Banner Ad marketing operates and maintains the same benefits as PPC Advertising with two differences. First, Banner Ads are graphical ads that can be displayed in different sizes. Banner Ads can utilize and mix pictures, messages and video with rollover effects. Banner Ads capture attention, promote your Brand image and like PPC Advertising is triggered to display (Impression) based on Keyword Phrases. Second, and unlike PPC Advertising text ads that are displayed in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's), Banner Ads are displayed on website pages that contain content related to your product or service. Like PPC Advertising, Banner Ad Marketing is a very cost effective SEM Service.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another SEM Service with a multitude of benefits. With Email Marketing a company can drive new traffic to the website, increase sales, generate repeat business, increase your average order value, conduct surveys and assist in the customer retention process. Email Marketing has many tangible marketing benefits and is extremely cost effective. According to the DMA's 2009 Power of Direct economic-impact study, commercial email returned an amazing $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009.

To utilize email marketing properly you will need an email mass sending system and a elaborate system of Autoresponder messages ready to go. Do you have "Opt-in" forms on your web pages? Do you have a "Opt-in" form maker, data collection system and properly written Autoresponder messages ready to go? If "No" the first step is signing-up for an email service such as Aweber. See the icon below for more information! can set your Aweber system up for you and teach you how to use it!


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a powerful SEM Service that is overlooked by most business owners. Think about it, everyone has a mobile phone and it is almost always on their person. The three most common types of Mobile Marketing include: Texting or Short Message Service (SMS), Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) and Mobile Banner Ads. Other forms of Mobile Marketing include: Mobile Applications, Pay Per Call Mobile (also called click-to-call), Voice Marketing and Bluetooth Wireless Proximity Based Marketing. All of which represent fast call-to-action advertising. To get a better feel for Mobile Marketing, check-out Yahoo's Mobile Marketing Website.


Online Press Releases

The benefits from the ongoing production and distribution of Online Press Releases is endless and is needed by all businesses. From an SEM Services perspective, the primary goal in writing online press releases is adding new engaging content for your website and gaining incoming links from the many websites that will publish the press releases. In other words, increasing SEO Rankings. Correctly optimized online Press Releases generally rank quickly in natural (Organic) search and news results. It is not uncommon for such results to occur within just a few hours of publication.


Social Media Releases

A social media release (SMR) is an online Press Release with the addition of rich multimedia (Video) and links to other relevant information sources such as: Specific Web Landing Pages, Blogs, Social Media Sites, PDF'S (White Papers and Color Brochures), High Resolution Pictures, Event Calendars, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed and Community Relations Projects. Producing Social Media Releases should be a continuing strategic SEM Service process. As with online Press Releases, the benefits of Social Media Releases are endless.


Social Media Marketing

Are you on: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr, Reddit, Digg and Delicious? Do you Blog? How many blogs are linked back to your Website? Social Media Marketing is identifying and utilizing the many online social platforms to accomplish three goals: First, to make your brand message accessible to anyone on the Internet. Second, to build an online community (Brand Evangelists) via Sharing (Digg), Networking (Facebook) and Publishing (Twitter). Remember, it is ongoing fresh, relevant and engaging content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it (Viral) within their social networks. And finally, do you have an Online Reputation Management (ORM) program? Social Media Marketing and management is an SEM Service that is an absolute must for any business.


Affiliate Marketing

Since SEO and SEM generates traffic to your website, why not generate an additional income stream from the promotion of related products that don't compete with your products. Affiliate Marketing can be extremely lucrative and can be accomplished with virtually no cost and without any adverse effect to your messaging. Or, on the other hand, how would you like to have thousands of other websites promoting your product? Affiliate Marketing is a simple SEM Service that can increase revenues from your products while adding a new residual income stream to your business.


Virtual World Marketing

Virtual World marketing is an excellent SEM Service for advertising, cross-promotion, hosting events and maintaining ongoing engagement with customers. Did you know that Virtual Worlds (Metaverses) like Second Life can generate real-world revenues? Real people, average 32, and older maintain a second life in Virtual Worlds via an Avatar. These Virtual World residents own homes, purchase products and services and more. Companies big and small advertise, maintain office space and hold conferences with clients. Companies like IBM save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by utilizing Virtual Worlds for meetings, conferences and marketing.


YouTube Video Marketing

Did you know that publishing your videos on YouTube is free? Did you know you can have your own YouTube channel for free as well? has been producing broadcast level video for over 10 years and can help you create the next viral video! As you know, the primary selling factor is emotion. The primary success factor for any SEM Service is engagement. Great video marketing blends both of these primary factors and is extremely cost effective. can produce any type of video you need and within any budget level. Take advantage of the many benefits of YouTube Video Marketing.


Podcast Marketing

Are you utilizing Podcasts as an SEM Service channel? Podcasts are online prerecorded radio programs to promote your business. And like most other Social Media channels, distribution is free. As an example, check-out! Here's the deal, if your Podcasts contain relevant information (Takeaways), your audience will come back for more and tell others (Viral Marketing). Is your website & blog designed to support podcast marketing? can produce broadcast quality Podcasts and design your Website and Blogs to support Podcast Marketing. Did you know you can even set-up Social Media sites such as Facebook to automatically publish each new podcast promo, seminar, or other relevant message?


Livecast Marketing

How would you like to have own your own LIVE radio and/or television show? The only cost is the cost of production. Production costs can be minimal depending on the project type and you can broadcast live around the world for free anytime you want to. The most in-touch executives understand that marketing in today's business world is all about the customer experience (Experience Economy). Keeping customers is just as important as getting new customers. Livecast Marketing is an SEM Service channel that can increase: Customer Retention, Repeat Business, Community Building, Brand Exposure and New Sales. And as with most SEM Channels, Livecasting is Viral in nature.


Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing strategy is a very in demand, low cost, highly profitable SEM Service. Imagine a blog post or 30-second YouTube brand message video being viewed a million-times all as a result of peer-to-peer communications. Mass advertising at virtually no cost to you! Add to this that every SEM Service channel has exponential viral power. Add further that a consistent message in conjunction with a well designed Viral Marketing strategy can have a compounding exponential viral effect. SEM Viral Marketing is Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing via the Internet. There is no better form of advertising than customers and potential customers promoting your products and/or services.


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As just mentioned, almost every SEM Service channel has exponential viral power. This results in ongoing: Brand Exposure, Traffic, Sales, Repeat Business, Customer Loyalty and Community Building. In addition, your business benefits from growing inbound links; which increases SEO rankings. A solid SEM Service strategy is extremely inexpensive and can seriously strengthen a company despite hard economic times. Take advantage of this highly cost effective business building platform.

The SEM online channels selected for your Internet Marketing Plan will depend on your target audience, the product and/or service sold and revenue goals. To learn more about how Search Engine Marketing can benefit your business, please call for a FREE SEM Service business meeting.

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